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Rules & Regulations:

Regulatory Compliance

Dragon Securities Ltd. maintains full compliance directed by BSEC and DSE.

Terms and Conditions

  • BO Account holder must give a written instruction to Dragon Securities Limited to purchase and/ or sell any instrument.
  • After execution of trade, client must sign in buy/ sell confirmation.
  • Client should follow any rules and regulations applicable to him/ her.
  • All transactions duly concluded through and recognized by the DSE.
  • The account holder will pay a brokerage commission, any other related expenses and charges that may applicable.
  • Both parties may terminate the agreement by mutual understanding.

Trading Rules

  • Client may give buy/sell order in a trading day (all days except bank holidays)
  • Any trade should occur within trading period
  • In case of buying, client must have available purchase power.
  • In case of selling, client must have saleable instrument.
  • Client may put order in market price or limit price considering circuit breaker.

Settlement Rules

  • Settlement is accomplished at the end of the day.
  • In case of A, B & N categories settlement takes T+2 days.
  • In case of Z category, settlement takes T+3 days.
  • In spot trading, settlement takes T+1.
  • Without same day netting, the sell amount will add in purchase power by following above category wise settlement time.